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Pylon Gateway



1-Read Pylon Page

2-Read Pylon Medium Introduction

3-Listen to this 03:30 minutes video

4-Bonus look at Pylon App Page

How to navigate on the Gateway page


When you open the Gateway you will be greeted with this page:


By scrolling down you can see a list of the Live Projects and Upcoming Projects


Take some time to explore what projects are available and learn about them!

What are the pools and how to invest in a lossless investment


You'd like to invest in a project currently available on the Pylon Gateway? The process is fairly easy!

First click Participate on the appropriate project


You will get access to this page describing the project and giving access to three pools!


You can input an amount of $UST you'd like to invest in the bar above the three pools.


Each of those pools offer a different % APR depending on the number of months you decide to lock your $UST in

At the end of the vesting period you will receive the full amount you invested back + the tokens you farmed

Keep in mind you can withdraw your investment when you're at 50% of the vesting time, but you won't receive the full amount of tokens

What is Pylon Swap


Some projects will allow you to invest in a pre-sale depending on the amount of $MINE you have staked


This feature is called Pylon Swap, you will see it under the pools when the project allow it

Keep in mind there is usually a vesting period associated when you invest with Pylon Swap