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Terra to the outside world

Imagine having access to Anchor 20% yearly return on your savings, but on the Ethereum network

Well stop imagining, it's here and it's better than 20% yearly return

Orion Saver gives access on the Ethereum network to up to 25% interest on stablecoins like USDT, USDC and DAI


That is 1600% more than what traditional best savings accounts (1,10 to 1,55%) would give you!

The $65B+ market cap of USDT, USDC and DAI will now be able to access Anchor Protocol technology in a very easy way

Orion Saver is one of the many dApps being developed on Orion Money

Orion NMney's goal is to build a portfolio of dApps and infrastructure on and off the Terra network which will help to bring new users and funds into the Terra ecosystem, making Terra assets more productive.

For Terra, this means billions of UST minted and millions of LUNA burned

Let's dive into Orion

Orion money version 1

allow ethereum stablecoins holders to use anchor protocol

What is the difference between Orion and Anchor ?

Orion is building a bridge to the Ethereum ecosystem where people will be able to stay on chain and benefit from high, stable yields

Currently There is no reliable stablecoin savings on Ethereum with a higher rate than 11%

Orion Saver will take deposits in USDT, USDC, DAI, convert them in to UST in the background to deposit into Anchor. It will then convert interest back into the original stablecoin to payout to users on demand


Orion money version 2

Bring fiat onramps-offramps and debit card

Expansion to support fiat currencies such as EUR, GBP, and USD, with a debit card coming to easily use your interest for purchases and payments

Orion banner.jpg

Orion money airdrops

What we know about it

Airdrop 1 will be to all LUNA stakers — proportional to their stake, with a potential limit per wallet

Airdrop 2 to Orion validator stakers. Orion validator will have zero % commission until the ORION token TGE. After this, the Orion validator’s commission will be set at 5% and all of its profits (profits=revenue-minus server costs) will be going to ORION stakers (receivable once ORION staking on Terra is live).