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Terra $LUNA updates 26 july-1 Aug (Weekly Terra Report)

A lot occured this week! Be sure to check out this link below,

Terra $LUNA updates 19 july-25 July (Weekly Terra Report)

A lot occured this week! Be sure to check out this link below,

Terra $LUNA updates 12 july-18 July (Weekly Terra Report)

* New ‘next generation’ AMM for Terra, Astroport is announced. Incubated by Delphi labs and IDEOVC
* Saber launches the first LUNA trading pool on Solana with Terra and Ren
* Do Kwon appears on Yahoo Finance to discuss Terra and DEFI
* Harmony is now available on the Terra Bridge interface
* New project ‘Nexus Protocol’ announces Anti-harpoon protocol and other yield simplifying tools for Anchor and Mirror apps
* Nebula protocol announces the final flagship launch cluster. Says Nebula launch is incoming
* Anchor yield reserve has now been replenished with 50 million SDT (~70 million UST)
* Orion Money releases monthly update for June
* http://Talis.art goes live - MIRROR protocol adds mSquare, mDOT, and mAMD
* New app http://Terra.cards allows users to shop on Amazon with UST
* Apollo DAO shows teaser of new UI
* Angel protocol releases teaser images of its new WebApp interface
* Announcing Terra Ecosystem Fund
* The latest edition of the Terra Project Spotlight explores the Secret Network and its collaboration with the Terra network
* Unslashed finance announces new UST peg insurance

Terra $LUNA updates 5 july-11 July (Weekly Terra Report)

A lot occured this week! Be sure to check out this link below,

Terra $LUNA updates 28 june-4 July (Weekly Terra Report)

*Do Kwon's tweet reveals that Anchor users will be eligible for a chance to win DIVER rewards through Divergence app
http://DefiSteps.com launches new series of courses on Terra applications
* Do Kwon releases Mirror roadmap now that V2 is released
* SJ Park of Terra Form Labs drops word of a new Terra project ‘Valkyrie Money’
* LoTerra previews ‘final’ design for their app
* Crypto 11 to bring fantasy sports betting to Terra soon
* Overview Article on Yotta Savings
* Pylon wave 2- Pylon pools (6, 12, and 18 months)
* Do Kwon tweeted that Nebula protocol is complete * Kash app launches private Beta
* Terraswap adding mobile functionality
* Orion Money has released their litepaper
* Orbital Command Giveaway
* Luna and UST now both available for purchase through Ramp SDK
* TFL launches Terra Community Bounty Program

Yotta Savings Overview Article

* What is Yotta? What is their goal?
* What makes Yotta special?
* What are some plan for the future?
* Is your money safe?
* What are the risks?

Terra $LUNA updates 21 june-27 June (Weekly Terra Report)

* New Podcast with Do Kwon
* Secret Bridge to Terra. Live on testnet
* Spar protocol releases a sneak peek of their upcoming testnet launch
* Mirror (MIR) got listed on Tokenlon
* Crypto.com enables Luna deposits and withdrawals
* Terra + BridgeMutual: an official collaboration with Bridge Mutual on providing insurance for Anchor deposits.
* Mirror V2 is officially LIVE
* Spar protocol releases new details about their upcoming airdrop
* Terra and UST get mentioned in the last Goldman Sachs report
* Mike Novogratz talks about Luna on Bloomberg TV
* PYLON protocol officially launches

Terra $LUNA updates 14 june-20 June (Weekly Terra Report)

* Orion Money Alpha release
* Mirror V2 testnet is now live
* Rerun app Litepaper released
* Local Terra provides teaser photo of their app development progress
* Overview Article on Loop Finance
* Gemini exchange lists Mirror (MIR) token
* Global Virtual Hackathon and Accelerator program “Next Top Blockchain Startup” announces its ‘Defi for the Masses’ tract sponsored by Terra
* Do Kwon and Woojin Lim hint that Pylon protocol release is next week
* Orion Money completes $1.7M seed round including investors Hashed and Delphi Labs and many more...(threads, articles, etc.)

Terra $LUNA updates 7 june-13 June (Weekly Terra Report)

*Yotta incorporates UST and Anchor protocol for savings yield
*2 new on-chain governance proposals are now out for voting
*Terra Community farms are now live on Dfyn
*Do Kwon chatting with Robinhood Founder and CEO Vladimir Tenev on “Under the Hood” Podcast
*Anchor is now up on Messari Crypto research hub
*Do Kwon tweets about upcoming Sandclock integration with Anchor
* Spot Trading Luna is now available on Phemex
*Do Kwon posts a thread on Pylon Protocol
*Pylon Protocol’s native governance and value accrual token is $MINE. There will be a genesis airdrop and weekly airdrops for LUNA stakers.
* Terra published a Pylon spotlight
* Local Terra provides their first community update
*Feature to turn on LTV notifications on Anchor desktop is now live
* Overview Article on Rerun is published
* Terra Kado rebrands to “Kado Pay”
* Anchor team is proud to announce the release of EthAnchor.
* Learn Terra creates a unified interface to claim all airdrops in one place


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