Bring the world's assets to the blockchain

Mirror Protocol combines simplicity like Robinhood with global reach and access, fairness24/7 trading, and gives 100% control to the community. This breaks the traditional brokerage model in pieces!

Mirror is a trading revolution!

Mirror Protocol enables the creation of synthetic assets called "Mirrored assets"


Those mirrored assets mimic the price behaviour of real-world assets

That is right, you can now trade assets from anywhere in the world!

Even if you're from Thailand you can now trade us equities and commodities like Tesla, GME, Apple, Gold and many more!

Mirror  evolves with new ideas through democratic governance, it is developed and steered by its community

How is this possible?

Let's dive into Mirror

mirror protocol runs on the terra blockchain


Mirror users from anywhere on earth can benefit from unprecedented access to trade and popular asset price exposure, without any additional registration requirements or needed permissions.


Three simple steps to start investing in massets like tesla

Need help understanding what are mAssets? click here

1. Convert your fiat money into TerraUsd (UST)

To use mirror, you will need UST. You can buy UST with your bank account or debit/credit card on the supported exchange: Kucoin (USA), ZenGo, Bittrex, or through Moonpay

2. Create a Terra Station wallet

You need a terra wallet to be able to transact on the Terra blockchain and connect to mirror protocol. Download the chrome extension and the desktop app.

How to make a terra wallet video

3. Connect your wallet to mirror and start trading

Once you have created your terra wallet and installed the chrome extension, connect on  Mirror Protocol app and you can start trading massets with UST on the Trade page.

4. Learn how you can provide liquidity in the different pools, control the future of Mirror through governance and mint a position

1.Click here to learn about how you can provide liquidity in the different pools.

2.Click here to learn about how you can impact the future of Mirror Protocol with community governance, and how you can stake your MIR tokens

3.Click here to learn about how you can mint a position on Mirror Protocol (advanced)


Earn MIR token rewards by providing liquidity in the various pools.

Use any massets like mtsla or maapl or even your mir tokens to earn more mir token rewards.

Get access to high percentage yields by providing liquidity now!

Three simple steps to provide liquidity on mirror and get access to high percentage yields

1. Buy UST and any mAssets or MIR tokens

To provide liquidity you will need to equally provide both sides of a trading pair, in this case UST and any mAsset/MIR token

Example: If you want to invest 10,000$ into the mCoin-UST LP pool you will need to buy 5000$ worth of mCoin and buy 5000$ worth of UST

Click here if you don't know how to buy mAssets or UST

3. Stake your LP in the pool

Once you have your LP tokens, go in the Stake tab.

Click on the appropriate pool, for the example above mCoin-UST LP and stake your LP tokens.

2. Convert mAssets and UST into LP

To provide liquidity you will need to convert your mAssets and UST into liquidity pool (LP). Go into the Pool tab and click provide. Select the mAssets you wish to transform into LP, Mirror will calculate the amount of UST you will need to deposit as well.

4. Keep track of your rewards

You can keep track of your rewards on the main page, don't forget to claim them!

5. Some things to keep in mind

When you provide liquidity, make sure you understand the concept of impermanent loss.

Mirror lets you earn MIR tokens by providing your mAssets in the liquidity pool, the volatility of those assets generally impacts the APR you get.


Mirror uses a special decentralized protocol run by the community of mir token holders who have an interest in making the trading protocol as robust and fair as possible.

mir token holders can create and vote on polls to decide the future of mirror protocol.

mirror is not owned by any entity.


Participating in mirror protocol governance is easy, only a couple steps!

1. Buy MIR tokens

You can buy MIR tokens directly on Mirror Protocol Trade page, on Binance or on Kucoin.

2. Stake MIR tokens 

To participate in Mirror Protocol governance you will need to stake your mir tokens on the Governance page.

3. Create a poll or vote on existing ones!

On the Governance page, you can create a poll or vote on a poll to participate in the governance of Mirror Protocol.

It is possible to propose the creation of new mAssets from tradition assets.

Votes will need to pass a quorum of 10% of the total staked MIR to pass.

4. Some things to keep in mind

If you start a poll and quorum is not reached, you will lose your amount of MIR you put in.

If you vote on an existing poll you will never lose any MIR even if the quorum is not passed.


Read more about how mirror protocol work in the official docs

Find all relevant websites on mirror here