The future is here

Imagine earning a 20% yearly return on your savings

You can stop imagining, but first:


What if you google "best savings accounts"? 

You will find interest rates of 1.10 to 1.55%

Anchor is now changing the game with 20% interest, that's 1300% more!

100,000$ is worth 120,000$ in a year (you are not dreaming)

But how you ask?


Let's dive into Anchor


anchor savings protocol runs on the terra blockchain


It was created to give incredibly high fixed yields (+20%) on stablecoin deposits  


Three simple steps to start earning 20% interests

Need help understanding the concept of stablecoins? click here

1. Convert your fiat money into TerraUsd (UST)

To use Anchor, you will need UST. You can buy UST with your bank account or debit/credit card on the supported exchange: Kucoin (USA), ZenGo, Bittrex, or through Moonpay

3. Deposit your UST in Anchor Protocol

Once you created your Terra wallet you will need to send the UST you bought from the exchange to your wallet. Then go to the Anchor web app and deposit your UST in the Earn tab. You will now earn 20% APY, you can preview the expected interest on the same tab.

How to deposit UST in anchor and earn 20% APY video

2. Create a Terra Station wallet

You will need to make a Terra wallet to be able to transact on the Terra blockchain and connect to Anchor Protocol. Download the chrome extension and the desktop app.

How to make a terra wallet video

4. Learn how you can borrow UST and provide in the ANC-UST liquidity pool


1.Click here to learn about how you can borrow UST on Anchor to earn 75% APR using your LUNA as collateral.

2.Click here to learn about how you can provide liquidity in the ANC-UST pool to earn 80% APR


Imagine taking a loan to buy a house and have it repay itself over time

Stop imagining, anchor can do that


four simple steps to borrow Ust on anchor

1. Buy LUNA

You will need LUNA tokens that will serve as collateral to be able to borrow on Anchor. You can buy LUNA on Binance or Kucoin (USA).

3. Mint bLUNA with your LUNA

In order to be able to take a loan on Anchor you will need to mint bLUNA in the "bond" tab using your LUNA supply.

Keep in mind the unbonding period is 21 days if you want to transfer back you bLUNA tokens into LUNA tokens 

2. Deposit your LUNA in your Terra wallet

Send your LUNA that you just bought from an exchange on your Terra wallet. If you didn't create a wallet yet, click here.

4. Provide bLUNA as collateral and take a loan

Navigate to the Borrow page and click on provide bLUNA. Provide the number of bLUNA you want to deposit as collateral.

You can now borrow UST up to 50% of the value of your deposited collateral. 


Keep in mind 35% LTV is considered "safe" if you keep an eye on it. Do not exceed 50% or you will get liquidated.


Start earning daily interest, much higher than what typical dividends stocks would give you

Provide liquidity in the ANC-UST pool and earn daily anc tokens


three simple steps to provide liquidity on anchor

1. Buy ANC

In order to provide liquidity in the ANC-UST pool you will need ANC tokens and the equivalence in UST. You can buy ANC on the Terra Station app or on Kucoin.

2. Convert your ANC and UST into LP

On the Govern page, click on ANC-UST LP and on the pool tab you can provide the amount of ANC you want. Make sure you have the equivalence in UST (50/50). Once you have ANC-UST LP, click on stake and provide your LP into the pool.

3. Make sure you understand the concept of impermanent loss

Before providing liquidity, make sure to understand the concept of impermanent loss.

4. Keep track of your rewards

You can keep track of your rewards on the Govern page, don't forget to claim them! 


Read more about how anchor protocol work in the official docs

Find all relevant websites on anchor here